About Senergy

ENERGY STAR guidelines allow us to offer homeowners significantly more efficient Real Estate purchases on the Western Slope of Colorado.  Our homes include; more effective insulation which provides even temperatures throughout the house, high performance windows that have protective coatings and improved frames, tight construction and ducts that are sealed to improve comfort and air quality.  ENERGY STAR also includes more efficient heating and cooling systems, tankless hot water heaters, lighting, appliances and programmable thermostats.  All of this adds up to annual savings to the homeowner on their ongoing, monthly utility bills.  In addition to ENERGY STAR we offer comfortable floor plans with homes ranging from 3 – 4 bedrooms, single car and double car garages in prime locations in the communities where we build.

Home Construction

We are headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, We employ a strong and knowledgeable construction and real estate staff with over 85 years in combined experience in new home building and commercial construction.  Senergy also does construction management and Real Estate sales.  The combined organization and the staff of Senergy have a background that has built over 2 million square feet of homes and commercial buildings and has developed over 15+ subdivisions on the Western Slope of Colorado.  Through this experience the founder and the staff of Senergy felt strongly that it could enhance the real estate market and the home purchasing by providing homes that focus on bringing 20-30% + more efficiency to every dwelling we build and that we could do this at competitive and affordable prices.


Senergy Builders, LLC offers energy efficient homes in Grand Junction, Montrose and Rangely, Colorado and owns properties in other areas of the Western Slope.  Our floor plans include ranch style, 2-story homes, single family, patio and townhome units.  We have floor plans from 2-4 bedroom homes with 1 or 2 car garages.  Our Real Estate options are located in the most desirable areas in the communities in which we build.

Ask about solar and electric vehicle chargers!

Why Choose Us

Municipal construction codes are really the least you can do and be able to obtain a certificate of occupancy. With the ENERGYSTAR program each of the component areas of thermal envelope, lights and appliances and mechanical systems are scrutinized to ensure they deliver over and above code from a safety, durability and energy efficiency stand point. Most people consider their house payments limited to the traditional, principal, interest, taxes and insurance. However that lacks the consideration that should be given to one final consistent cost, utilities. Once that cost is assessed the ENERGYSTAR new home proves to be of better value, or allows the owner to afford more home for the same amount per month!


"ENERGYSTAR new homes not only deliver economic savings month in month out, but for years to come help the environment too."

"Each ENERGYSTAR home is value engineered from the start with regards to energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and comfort."

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(970) 248-8500


1111 S. 7th Street
Grand Junction CO 81501






New construction, country feel homes located off 21 and I 1/2 Rd

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